different direction.

We haven’t gone exploring for awhile now, for various reasons, we’re all adults and do this in our spare time.

Regardless if we quit going or find new locations, cities, states. MIurbex will continue to exist.

I have over 2 terabytes of video, so I’m going to start uploading all raw footage, and then working on editing a ten to fifteen minute video for each location. my editing computer is out of order as we speak but uploading these raw videos will take time. as well as scripting, planning and editing future videos so please stick with us, we have over 1 terabyte of photos to explore.

anyway that’s what’s been happening in and around our parts. look for more videos shortly.

Been awhile.

It’s been awhile, but we went out on Sunday, the 9th of July. It was hot, It was humid, It was fun.

We just freestyled, per usual. but was fun. Probably moving to flint or toledo next. Stay tuned.

Sorry about no good edited videos but my video editing rig is out of order and I have some trouble shooting to do.

Anyway We uploaded some raw b roll footage to our youtube channel.

Link! Like! Share! Please help support us.


we haven’t been it since October (since winter); i will finally be editing videos, so please check back for updates.

youtube(two raw pieces of video)

I’m going to go hard on editing videos soon.

can’t wait for spring and summer so we can get back out there.

anyway, that’s about it.

quick update

we haven’t been out since September I believe, so not much on that front. winter has set in hard, so the season is over. once spring comes we’ll be out there going hard. we’re slowly running out of places in Detroit so we’re gonna expand to flint, Toledo and perhaps even further through Ohio.

anyway, I’ve uploaded new (old) pictures to our Dropbox and Flickr, check those out. and I’m currently uploading all our pictures to miurbex’s Google Drive account.

also I’ve been editing an intro video for the beginning of our all videos (to be edited and uploaded later) to our youtube channel. will also just put the videos up in raw form as well. and if we get decent viewers, we’re thinking about doing commentary videos as well.

anyway that’s it for now, and for awhile, will update when videos start being produced.

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Haven’t been out in awhile.

I’ve been slowly working on editing video, also removing blurry or outright bad pictures from our library’s of photos.

Please continue to check back for updates to all facets of miurbex.

Also working on a new website I will announce shortly.

another beautiful Sunday

We went out again today, got out there early and took some pictures and some video. we went to an old hospital and an aluminum factory? anyway check out our flickr account, also our dropbox account. new pictures being uploaded.

and yes i promise edited videos and raw footage will be up on our youtube account soon. bye.

We went out, for the first time.

And it was great. We spent a lot of time in the Fisher plant, took over 2k pictures and 2 hours of hd video footage, I honestly am gonna get off my ass and get some videos together. Hopefully more trips soon.

We’ve added plenty of new pictures to our flickr and dropbox

Please check them out, rate them and give feed back. Share them with your friends. Please.

Also we’re on instagram, twitter, tumblr.

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A little update

Added a few pictures to the picture page, as well as contact links in the contacts page.
Also linked to our flickr and dropbox which contain all our raw pictures taken.

Hopefully we will be going out soon and compiling video footage to edit together. I have about 30 gigs worth now, accidentally deleted about 50 gigs worth. So we need to re up, and I will start editing. Videos will be coming soon. Guaranteed.

Spring is here.

Hopefully we’ll get out there soon. Excited to put this gopro to use and get some quality video for our youtube channel. I have made many minor updates to the website. Still working on editing video, uploading all our raw photos to many different storage sites for redundancy. Check back for updates, as well as our twitter, IG, youtube and flickr.

Check out our raw photos here: